Thursday, October 17, 2013

Critical Acclaim for my flash fiction piece "The Exterminator" by Erik B. Scott

Hey guys,

In speaking to my absence- I can only plead insanity... because I was insane enough to get married! The whole thing was fantastic, but (understandably), other responsibilities cut into my writing. I am now back on the grid and back doing what I enjoy- producing fiction.

Back to business.

I am proud to say that Professional Science Fiction Writer and Editor Frank Dutkiewicz (Daily Science Fiction, Unidentified Funny Objects) over at Diabolical Plots has posted a review of my flash fiction, The Exterminator (first published in Daily Science Fiction).

Their review, which can be found here, is copied below (note, that at the time of this posting, their website seems to be having issues).

"Jaren is called in by a Morgat overlord to rid his residents of unwanted pests in “The Exterminator” by Erik B. Scott (debut 1/17 and reviewed by Frank D). Jaren is loyal servant to the overlord race. His attempts to become a bigger influence in their occupation had fallen short so a role as an exterminator is the best he can hope for. A belief that his loyalty and dedication may improve his lot is what he relies on, and if that means ridding his own world of unwanted pestss, then so be it.

“The Exterminator” is set on an Earth that has fallen to alien invaders. Jaren is a product of a world that has already succumbed. He is eager to fit in, but always knows that he never will. Although the twist to piece was obvious from the start, I was really taken in with the premise and with its characters.
Recommended." -Frank Dutkiewicz

Thanks for reading my work and giving feedback, I was happy that you enjoyed it.

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